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At Arreola Law Office we believe that a DWI charge does not need to result in a conviction. Some attorneys may encourage their clients to prepare for a plea. This may involve community service and alcohol and drug assessments and treatment. While this may be a prudent strategy for a plea, our first goal is to avoid a conviction altogether. This means that we make the State prove their evidence against you while working to suppress any evidence that is not properly obtained with probable cause and proper authentication in court. North Carolina laws for impaired driving are already designed to work against you. In fact, they are what's called “implied consent” laws. This means that when a person is charged with or arrested for a DWI, an officer may require the person to undergo a chemical testing to determine the presence of any alcohol or drugs. Your refusal of such testing can result in the revocation of your license and be used as evidence of guilt. Here are some things we consider when fighting for you:

  • Were you properly stopped?
  • Did law enforcement have sufficient reasonable suspicion for a stop or probable cause for a search and seizure?
  • Did law enforcement inform you of your rights under Miranda and the NC implied consent laws?
  • Can the State prove you were driving?
  • Can law enforcement prove you were appreciably impaired?
  • Is there any evidence that can be suppressed or objected to in court?

If you have been accused of Driving While Impaired for alcohol or other substances, it is in your best interest to have an experienced attorney on your side. The consequences for impaired driving are strict and severe under General Statute 20.-179. In most cases, a Judge only considers the presence or absence of aggravating and mitigating factors. The sentencing level imposed is determined on these factors alone. Therefore, we believe in a robust and adversarial approach to DWI defense. The State is not doing you any favors, so don't do them any!

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